Verdicts and Settlements

  • 5.1 million dollar verdict against a drunk driver who injured a pedestrian in Fayette County.
  • 9.89 million dollar verdict against a Clearfield County neurologist.
  • $800,000: Settlement to minor child who was exposed to mercury brought into the family home on father’s work clothes.
  • $725,000: Settled for a delayed diagnosis of colon cancer which caused additional treatment
  • $395,000: Settlement for misinterpretation of a fetal monitoring strip
  • $195,000: Settlement for a construction worker who slipped and fell on ice at the job site and suffered a herniated disc that needed to be operated on. The stone mason was off work for three months and received workers’ compensation.
  • $435,000: Settlement for passenger in a trailer that was injured when other party fell asleep.
  • $101,000: Settlement for an Allegheny County Plaintiff injured on slippery steps while walking through a house he was contemplating buying
  • $400,000: Settlement to wife of a patient who suffered while receiving treatment for throat cancer.
  • $175,000: Settlement for bedsores resulting from nursing home negligence.
  • $250,000: Settlement for a malfunction of school buses brakes resulting in an accident and injuries to the driver.
  • $850,000: Settlement for a worker injured in an industrial accident
  • $502,000: Jury award for truck driver who slipped and fell as a result of unsafe steps on a tractor-trailer.
  • $587,000: Settlement for an Allegheny County man who was injured when his hand was pinned by a battery cell.
  • $800,000: Settlement for an individual who was inured when he tripped over a floor mat while he entered a large pharmacy chain.
  • $275,000: Allegheny County jury award for woman with bilateral carpel tunnel injury in a slip and fall accident on wet floors.
  • $250,000: State statutory maximum recovery for a municipal employee after a “chute” door mechanism failed.
  • $162,500: Trip and fall on sidewalk defect. Prevailed despite defendants argument that tripping hazard was too small to be considered a defect.
  • $295,000: Settlement for a state police officer who suffered a concussion when slipping on an icy parking lot.
  • $202,000: Verdict in Court of Common Pleas of Washington County for a man injured when a piece of concrete struck his car.
  • $100,000: Settlement against a “big box” home improvement store as the result of back injuries caused by a fall on the premises.

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Case results are for informational purposes only, and should not be considered as a guarantee or prediction of outcome in any other case. Every case involves different facts and circumstances, and a favorable result in one case is not a guarantee that a similar result can be obtained in another case.