Verdicts & Settlements

Woomer & Hall has obtained millions of dollars in settlements, jury verdicts and workers’ comp benefits for injured clients and families who have lost a loved one due to another’s negligence. Below are some of the results our personal injury lawyers have obtained.

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$8,900,000.00: Jury verdict for a female patient against a Clearfield County neurologist.

$5,005,000.00: Fayette County jury verdict for a man who lost his leg when he was struck by a drunk driver.

$895,000.00: Woman who’s blood infection was misdiagnosed by a western Pennsylvania hospital emergency room. The infection lead to a need of a new heart valve.

$850,000.00: Settlement for a worker injured in an industrial accident.

$800,000.00: Structured settlement to minor child who was exposed to mercury brought into the family home on father’s work clothes.

$700,000.00: Settlement of a delayed diagnoses of colon cancer, which caused the need for additional treatment.

Confidential Settlement: A man’s leg was amputated after a post-surgical infection was not properly treated. The treating physician alleged that he gave the appropriate amount and type of antibiotics, but the case settled after we supplied two expert reports alleging that the care rendered was below the Standard of Care.

Confidential Settlement: A substantial settlement of an Indiana, Penn., family where the care given to a mother by the obstetrician during labor was alleged to be the cause of fetal demise. This was a hotly contested case with the Defendant OB/GYN maintaining that the care was appropriate.

$605,000: Settlement for an injured worker who developed RSD in his feet.

$587,000.00: Jury award for an Allegheny County man who was injured when his hand was pinned by a battery cell.

$502,000.00: Jury award for truck driver who slipped and fell as a result of unsafe steps on a tractor-trailer.

$317,000.00: Settlement in a workers’ compensation claim for an employee who lost 75 percent of her hearing and was disfigured in a workplace accident.

$317,000.00: Settlement workers’ compensation claim with a head injury who was injured while working for a major soft drink manufacturer.

$275,000.00: Allegheny County jury award for woman with bilateral carpel tunnel injury in a slip and fall accident on wet floors.

$275,000.00: Settlement for a Beaver County woman who was injured when she was rear ended by a beer truck.

$250,000.00: Settlement for woman with severe lower leg fractures and surgery from head-on collision. All liability and underinsured motorist benefits paid.

$250,000.00: Settlement for an accident which occurred as the Plaintiff was standing to the rear of a dump truck while in the course of his employment with a municipal entity. Plaintiff and his fellow employees were utilizing a dump truck with a new dump body recently installed upon the vehicle. Plaintiff was using the “chute” door to control the release of aggregate from the truck when the latching mechanism failed and the tailgate flew open, causing significant injuries. Although the two Defendants argued that the actions of the Plaintiff and his co-employees were the cause of the accident, all the while also pointing fingers at each other, as well, the matter was finally resolved on very favorable terms.

$225,000.00: Settlement for Erie County passenger killed in one-car accident – all insurance policies paid limits.

$225,000.00: Settlement for a Fayette County man injured in a product liability case when he was caught in a “buffing machine” and sustained internal injuries.

$202,000.00: Washington County jury award against landowner for motorist struck by cement boulder as he drove down a public road.

$202,000.00: Verdict in Court of Common Pleas of Washington County for a man injured when a piece of concrete struck his car. State Farm Insurance Company offered $2,500 to settle the case before trial.

$200,000.00: Settlement on a case wherein the Plaintiff was a passenger in a taxi cab which collided with a light pole in a parking lot. The Plaintiff sustained various head injuries, as well as neck and low back strain.

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$200,000.00: Settlement on a case wherein the Plaintiff, while operating her passenger car, was struck from behind by a Ford F550 truck. The Plaintiff received an injury to her neck requiring surgery. Defendant argued that the Plaintiff’s injuries were pre-existing, noting that the Plaintiff had just recently had another surgery to her neck prior to the accident. Despite these arguments, an excellent settlement was achieved.

$200,000.00: Policy limit settlement for minor child struck by car with police report and eye witness saying he bolted out in front of vehicle.

$200,000.00: Workers’ compensation settlement for steamfitter with facial burns and disfigurement.

$200,000.00: Settlement of a misdiagnosis of preeclampsia and pregnancy induced hypertension.

$200,000.00: workers’ compensation settlement for worker with an injured shoulder.

$195,000.00: Settlement for a construction worker who slipped and fell on ice at the jobsite and suffered a herniated disc that needed to be operated on. The stone mason was off work for three months and received workers’ compensation.

$175,000.00: Workers’ compensation settlement.

$165,000.00: Settlement for a coal truck driver injured when he was rear-ended by another truck.

$162,500.00: Settlement for a trip and fall on a small sidewalk defect. Plaintiff suffered an injury to her knee and eventually required its replacement. Defendant argued that Plaintiff suffered from pre-existing degenerative conditions which would have resulted in her knee being replaced regardless of the accident. The Defendant also argued that the defect was too small for it to be considered negligence to have it on their property.  While these arguments on behalf of the Defendant were fairly strong, a favorable settlement was eventually brokered.

$150,000.00: Jury verdict, Buck’s County, tractor trailer highway accident.

$150,000.00: Settlement for an Allegheny County woman struck by another car while driving to work.  The Plaintiff’s original treating neurologist described her injury as a “minor concussion,” but we listened to our client regarding the severity of her injury and continued to fight on her behalf against the other driver’s insurance company and then the Plaintiff’s own insurance company.

$140,000.00: Workers’ compensation settlement for worker with an injured neck.

$139,500.00: Settlement for arthroscopic shoulder surgery in an auto accident where the opposing driver ran a stop sign.

$135,000.00: Settlement for an apartment complex manager who hurt his back while lifting an air conditioner unit.

$135,000.00: Workers’ compensation settlement after reinstating claimant’s benefits 7 years after the original work injury.

$130,000.00:  Workers’ compensation settlement for a Washington County home care nurse who injured her lower back while transferring a patient from a shower chair to a wheelchair.  We were able to obtain this favorable settlement for our client despite the fact that an independent medical examiner found her to be “fully recovered” from her work injury.

$125,000.00: workers’ compensation settlement back injury claim.

$125,000.00: Workers’ compensation settlement for an injured bridge painter for a claim filed over a year after the injury.  An additional $47,000 was awarded based on the defendants failure to respond to the claim in a timely manner.

$120,000: Settlement for an auto body mechanic who developed dermatitis due to chemical exposure.

$115,000.00: Settlement for a nursing home patient abused by staff.

$115,000.00: Federal Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act settlement for an Erie County man who suffered a psychological disability after witnessing the traumatic death of a co-worker.

$110,000.00: Settlement for a man whose back was injured by a salvage yard employee negligently attempting to unload his truck with a crane.

$107,500.00: Settlement for a workers’ compensation claimant injured while mopping.

$100,000.00: Settlement, prescription error, wrong medicine repeatedly filled causing severe side effects.

$100,000: Settlement for a dietary aid who sustained a shoulder injury and was then fired after she returned to work light duty.

Confidential settlement with an employee of Foodland who was injured in a slip and fall in the store.

$101,000.00: Settlement for an Allegheny County Plaintiff injured on slippery steps while walking through a house he was contemplating buying.

$100,000.00: Settlement for injuries suffered when the tow truck operator failed to operate his tow truck appropriately.

$100,000.00: Settlement for patient who slipped and fell in gravel parking lot and broke her leg.

Confidential Settlement against hospital 11/08: Plaintiff fell while trying to go to the bathroom after having her call button ignored.

$100,000.00: Settlement for a back injury sustained in a slip and fall on ice in a parking lot.

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$100,000.00: Settlement for a fractured femur in a slip and fall on ice and snow.

$100,000.00: Settlement for an elderly woman who suffered a broken leg while being transferred to a wheel chair in her nursing home.

$100,000.00: Settlement against a “big box” home improvement store as the result of back injuries allegedly caused by a fall on the premises.

Confidential wrongful death settlement: Plaintiff died from infection caused by bed sore after nursing home failed to appropriately clean wounds and timely diagnose the infection.

$97,500.00: Settlement for a Johnstown man who had his foot run over by a tow motor at a national home improvement store.

$95,000.00:  Personal injury settlement for a Westmoreland County woman who fell on a wet floor in the entryway of a large department store.  The original offer by the defendant in this case was $1,000.00.  This offer was made prior to a lawsuit being filed and the examination of several witnesses by our firm via deposition.

$92,000.00:  Workers’ compensation settlement for a Beaver County woman who re-injured her lower back after previous lower back surgery with a different employer.

$90,000.00: settlement for a Westmoreland County man who suffered compression fractures in his thoracic spine as a passenger in a car driven by an intoxicated driver involved in a one vehicle accident.

$90,000.00: Settlement for a tenant who claimed injuries after breaking through a rotted step at the rear porch of his rental premises.

$90,000.00: Workers’ compensation settlement for an employee who sustained a back injury while working for a temporary agency, Manpower, Inc.

$87,500.00: Settlement against a land owner for a defective access road which caused Plaintiff’s coal truck to tip over, resulting in injuries.

260 weeks: Claimant in workers’ compensation case receives the maximum award allowed by law for disfigurement after being burned.

$85,000.00: Settlement for a woman who tripped exiting an elevator that was uneven with the floor, sustaining a rotator cuff injury.

$85,000.00: Settlement for a woman who claimed injury as the result of implantation of a defective prosthetic hip joint.

Won workers’ compensation benefits for a mason whose shoulder was failing because of repetitive lifting while working.

$80,000.00: Settlement for an individual who was injured when he tripped over a floor mat while he entered a large pharmacy chain.

$75,000.00: Settlement of a pedestrian struck by backing out driver resulting in aggravation knee injury.

$75,000.00: Settlement for a postal employee whose mail delivery vehicle was rear-ended, causing an aggravation of pre-existing lower back conditions.

$75,000.00: Workers’ compensation settlement for a Clearfield County truck driver who aggravated a pre-existing pars defect in his lower back while cranking the dolly legs on his truck.

$75,000.00: Settlement for a motorcyclist who claimed injury as a result of debris left upon the roadway during a construction project.

$73,000.00: For an apartment dweller who was injured when she went to get out of her car, which was parked in a large apartment complex’s parking lot. The complex had a policy of not salting the individual spaces, but only by the main road. The plaintiff suffered a broken wrist that was fixed by surgery.

$72,500.00: Settlement for a man who sustained a lower back injury as the result of an intersection collision.

$71,000.00: Pennsylvania workers’ compensation benefits for a Weirton, West Virginia worker injured while working in Pennsylvania.

$65,000: combined settlement (auto/uim) in Bedford County for a woman who claimed to have disc protrusion/herniation resulting from a rear end auto accident.

$65,000.00: For fracture ankle off a loading dock after he fell off a loading dock.

$65,000.00: For a client whose leg tendon was cut from the use of a “weed eater”.

$60,000.00: Settlement for a man who claimed injuries as the result of falling on snow and ice outside an apartment building.

$60,000.00: Settlement for an elderly woman who sustained broken wrists as the result of falling on an uneven sidewalk adjacent to a supermarket.

Confidential settlement of a US Airways flight attendant who was injured when lifting carry-on bags in a jet way.

Confidential settlement of a coal miner who injured his knee when he stepped into a hole.

$57,000.00: settlement for a Washington County woman who slipped on a wet floor at her Veterinarian’s  office and re-injured her arthritic left knee.

$50,000: Settlement for a woman who claimed to have sustained an aggravation of a pre-existing arthritic condition as the result of a motor vehicle accident.

$47,500.00: Settlement for a concussion caused by the client attempting to sit on a chair and it collapsed.

$45,000.00: Settlement for a man who alleged he fell on a coat hanger on the floor of a department store, breaking his leg.

$40,000.00: Settlement for a woman who suffered a broken hand after falling on broken up gravel in a mall parking lot.

Confidential settlement of a truck driver who was struck by a locomotive as the train sped through a small town.

Multiple Insurance Policy Limits: Plaintiff settled her case for the policy limits on three different policies after being a passenger in a car on the way to work that slid on black ice and crashed into a hillside. The driver of the vehicle was killed. Plaintiff suffered fractured ankle requiring intermedial fusion and a ruptured vertebra in her back, which needed four metal screws.

Confidential settlement against a ladder manufacturer after their product caused client to fall from the ladder. Experts determined that a defective rivet was cause of fall.

25 weeks for a scar claim for a cervical laminectomy, which the access was through the front of the neck.

Confidential malpractice settlement: Case against a psychologist/marriage therapist who became romantically involved with the husband of one of his married couples.

A jury verdict five times the amount offered for settlement in a case wherein a woman alleged a rotator cuff injury as the result of falling while running from a neighbor’s dog.

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*Descriptions of case results are for informational purposes only, and should not be considered as a guarantee or prediction of outcome in any other case. Every case involves different facts and circumstances, and a favorable result in one case is not a guarantee that a similar result can be obtained in another case.