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If you were injured on a job site, the skilled construction accident attorneys of Woomer & Talarico can help you. When construction workers are injured, two different areas of law come into play; Workers’ Compensation and workplace negligence. Workers’ Compensation will cover construction workers for injuries that occur on construction sites, but many times a construction worker is able to bring an additional claim for injuries that occurred on the accident site. Call Woomer & Talarico and see if you have what is known as a 3rd party Construction site claim.


In Pennsylvania, it is extremely difficult to sue your co-workers, even if they are directly responsible for your injuries. However, in today’s construction industry, there are many parties that by their position in the project become responsible for the safety of the workers. These include construction managers, general contractors, other subcontractors, and property owners themselves. Complicating matters is a legal defense used by the insurance companies, known as the statutory employer defense. The defense on its face appears fatal to many of the Third Party claims, but crafty pleading and investigation can usually defeat the defense. Please contact Woomer & Talarico if you feel you have a potential 3rd party claim. Free consultation 800-686-0848